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The AAHI Perinatal Health Committee has been an active component of  the organization, since it’s  inception in January 2006.  The goal of the committee is to decrease and prevent premature death in infants in the Black community.  In 2009, AAHI received a mini grant from the March of Dimes, Inland Empire, in the effort to bring awareness to the alarming rates of infant death in African American babies, as well as educate the community on how to prevent premature birth.  That same year, AAHI’s Perinatal Health Committee conducted a Prematurity Workshop where we AAHI’s Prematurity Toolkit was introduced.

    The Toolkit features strategies on how to:

  • Recognize signs/symptoms of preterm labor
  • What to do if you notice any signs/symptoms
  • How to prevent preterm labor and prematurity in babies
  • Resources and information on prematurity and preterm labor

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