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Community Capacity Building
  • Encourage, promote and develop Black leadership; act as a channel to focus efforts, human resources, and to obtain funds to use within the Black community to improve personal health, community health, and to promote healthy environments.
  • Develop and sustain a network of community health providers, medical providers, and others to identity and develop financial resources for community health and healthcare, and health related projects and activities
  • Provide training and mentoring on how to work collaboratively in the community with multiple stakeholders to improve community capacity, provide adequate, responsive and community-based health and healthcare.
Health Education
  • Community education programs on lifestyle preventable health conditions (HIV/AIDS, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc), chronic disease management, lifestyle changes, reducing premature births and infant mortality, and personal self-esteem development toward making positive health choices.
  • Work with physicians to provide medical education programs to the community, engaging physicians in community involvement to improve Black health, to facilitate greater understanding of, participation in and access to medical education and other health professions by young Black students
  • Outreach educational programs with those who work within the community, churches, schools, civic and professional organizations, community-based health organizations, policymakers, and others to heighten awareness of and facilitate community problem-solving in health and health-related matters for the Black population. Provide workshops, lectures, training and skills development sessions with one-on-one and group approaches.
Policy Advocacy and Social Justice
  • Activities involve working with community stakeholders and health professionals to foster informed dialogue and decision-making for input into appropriate health policies that affect Blacks.
African-Centered Community-based Research
  • Conduct community-based participatory action research. Training offered on how to design community assessment tools, collect community data, conduct individual interviews, facilitate focus group discussions, participate in a team approach in analyzing data; and how to write scientific papers, how to make community presentations to the general population and professionals, how to conduct community meetings to change behaviors, mentoring, role modeling, coaching, and many other activities that involve improving the health of people of African ancestry.
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