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We began in community
In 1999, the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health Medical Officer, Dr. Prendergast, initiated the African American Health Initiative (AAHI) to address the glaring poor health outcomes in the African American community. He began to work on this special initiative with many African Americans, the San Bernardino County Medical Society, and the Inland Wellness Information Network. In 2003, the San Bernardino County Medical Society obtained a major grant from The California Endowment to conduct a countywide health planning project. A major result of the planning project was the development of an independent organization called the African American Health Institute of San Bernardino County (AAHI-SBC).

We are community
AAHI-SBC is a collaborative of diverse community stakeholders sharing a common vision. We are everyday people, local residents, healthcare providers, health professionals, community-based organizations, business men and women, faith-based leaders and members, educators, researchers, physicians, and many, many other concerned people.

We are the African American community
As an independent organization, AAHI-SBC was incorporated by the State of California as a 501(c)(3) Public Service Organization on January 3, 2006. Our goal is to work together in a strategic systematic manner to improve the overall well-being of people of African ancestry, as well as other poor, underserved and under-represented people.

AAHI-SBC meets monthly for people to come together to discuss and strategically plan to improve health, work together on projects, programs and activities. Also, to actively change our environment, fight for social justice and equality for all. Additionally, we work on various issues that are important to people. Our meetings provide the opportunity for networking and developing partnerships with others on similar projects, programs and issues.

We meet: 2nd Friday of each month.
Meeting location: Medical Office Building, 4th Floor Solarium Room
Meeting address: 1800 Western Avenue, San Bernardino, CA 92411
Meeting time:  8:00 am

Join us! All are welcome to attend. Become involved. Get help with areas of interest.
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